Sales terms depends on the area and in the boat classification. Contract will be on the majority of time on a MYBA terms for Europe. In
any case these terms will apply if no others terms are signed with the costumer or/and the owner. Credit card or wiring payment is a proof
of acceptation of these terms by the costumer, without any restriction.  When payment as been made, without signed contract because the
distance, the timing or any circumstances, MYBA terms will apply.  
XXLYACHTS general topics on boats and yachts sales.
Buying a pre-owned boat, VAT (French TVA):
VAT status is a decisive element when purchasing a pre-owned boat. In most cases, the VAT has already been paid and is non-
In certain instances (when the owner is a company, when the boat is financed by a leasing agreement, when the boat has been exported,
etc.) the VAT status can be a decisive advantage for the buyer, who can buy the boat tax free or refinance the boat with a leasing
agreement at a VAT rate of ...% (if the boat remains registered in the EEC) or, better, with a leasing agreement at a 0% VAT rate (if the
boat is registered outside the EEC)
XXLYACHTS sales commission:
For all the boats on offer, will display the precise sum of the commission taken when the boat is sold. In all instances, this commission is
included in the selling price. The amount of the commission varies between 5 and 10% depending on several criteria: size of boat, location,
type of mandate, selling price, owner status, etc.
XXLYACHTS mooring:
Yes! There are moorings available, even in the most sought after marinas. For most boats on sale, we offer mooring solutions.
Cost of the annual certificate of registration taxes in France:
All boats over 7 metres long registered under the French flag are liable to annual taxes which takes 3 things into account: the age of the
boat, her length and her engine power. The tax is due every year by the owner of the boat on 1st January with a final payment date of 1st
If the buyer is from abroad and has asked for the annulment of the French flag, he will of course be exempt from payment of this tax. At
the time of buying the boat, the onus is on the owner on 1st January to pay the tax.
Average maintenance budget:
General figure, about 10% of the boat new value.
For information only, we will indicate the average budget you should anticipate. This takes into account "necessary" annual work
(careening, engine servicing, removing boat from water, anodes, life raft overhaul, crew expenses and salaries if any, etc.)
Carried out by an independent marine surveyor, the choice will depend on the flag you want to have and the type of registration (Private or
Even if the boat already has a surveyor’s report, XXLYACHTS recommend that buyers commission their own surveyor before signing the
bill of sale. Generally, the handling costs (removing boat from water and setting her afloat again) are paid by the buyer and are refunded by
the owner if the sale is concluded.
Leasing agreement:
The buyer can continue an ongoing leasing agreement. XXLYACHTS will inform the buyer of the precise terms of the leasing agreement.
Thanks to a reduced VAT rate on leasing rent (9.8% if the boat is based in the EC, 0% if the boat is based outside the EC), continuing a
leasing agreement is also a very good operation when the French flag is kept.
We also can help financing a purchase, with a new lawn or a new leasing.
XXLYACHTS knowledge and experience will make you save a great amount of money on insurance, it is a free service for our clients.
In some cases, you can trade-in your current boat when an agreement can be reached on the repurchasing price and the terms.
Purchase offer and provisional sales agreement:
Following the 1st or 2nd visit, the buyer can agree to buy the boat on the terms set out. If the buyer wishes to offer a price below the price
defined in the mandate, we will ask him to make a written offer, which we will submit to the owner.
If the offer is accepted, we will sign a provisional sales agreement with a 10% deposit. The deposit is made into a bank account held by
XXLYACHTS at the CAISSE D'EPARGNE de Saint Tropez. For deposits higher than €100,000, an escrow account can be used.

If the survey requested by the buyer reveals a real and major defect (structural defect, damaged rigging, etc.), the provisional sales
agreement will be cancelled and the buyer’s deposit will be refunded. If the survey reveals minor defects (i.e.: anemometer does not work,
water entering through a stanchion, loosening of the rudder ring), these defects cannot bring the sale into question.

Payment of the balance:
After signing the provisional sales agreement, and within a period of 30 to 50 calendar days, the sale is finalized through the signing of the
bill of sale. This period allows for the carrying out of suspensive clauses (survey, obtaining a bank loan, work to be carried out by the
owner, etc), the raising of a maritime mortgage or of funds by the buyer. For the last installment a lawyer escrow account can be used at
buyer request.
As soon as the bill of sale is signed and the balance paid (by bank transfer or certified cheque), the ownership of the boat is transferred to
the buyer.

Change of ownership:
On behalf of the new owner, XXLYACHTS can take care of all the administrative formalities related to a change of ownership. We hand
over the complete file to Maritime affairs and Customs in order to change the certificate of registration.
For customers from abroad, we request the annulment of the French flag and we provide the new owner with all the specific documents
required by his administrative body: “Bill of sale”, builder’s certificate, proof of VAT payment, apostilles, signature and stamp of the
solicitor, signature and visa of the Court of Appeal, etc.
Only the expenses will be at buyer expenses, custom agent, taxes, etc...depending on the size of the boat.

Documents you will need to provide us with :

Signed sale mandate and inventory.
Copy of the boat’s certificate of registration.
Copy of owner’s passport or identity card.
Insurance certificate and policy number
Surveyor's report, less than 6 months old, if available.
If the boat is under leasing agreement, the name of the bank, the balance of the financing plan and the final repurchase value.

For commercial boats, a full figure of the crew annual expenses ans salaries.
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